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Get started with a free trial of Dynamo MC today to see for yourself how it can improve your appraisals.

Dynamo MC saves you time by automating the market analysis and documentation on every appraisal. It completes the entire 1004MC using your MLS data and your own conditional comments.  It also creates the best looking charts in the appraisal industry, many of which can help to explain and predict market trends using regression analysis.

Dynamo MC allows you to share an amazing amount of information with your clients with just a few clicks, so you’ll be saving time on every report.   Since Dynamo MC tells the story of your subject’s market, you’ll also receive fewer callbacks about market conditions.

Use Dynamo MC to Export to TOTAL

Appraisers using TOTAL or WinTOTAL Aurora by a la mode, inc can export their Dynamo MC results directly into their appraisal reports.  An account and payment option through the TOTAL store is required.

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