Licensing & Pricing

Ways to use Dynamo MC


Licensing & Pricing Options

Licensing Option Supported Software Import Format Export Format Pricing Sign Up
Export to TOTAL
  • WinTOTAL Aurora
Any delimited text or Excel file Direct import into TOTAL
  • $29 per month for unlimited reports
  • $4 per report
  • $35 per 10 reports
Integrate with third party software
  • WinTOTAL Aurora
  • ACI
  • Bradford Clickforms
  • Any software with PDF import

Dynamo import file

PDF or Dynamo export file

*Send integration requests to*

Export to TOTAL

Appraisers using TOTAL or WinTOTAL Aurora by a la mode, inc can export their Dynamo MC results directly into their appraisal reports.

This option requires an account and payment through the TOTAL store. Get started with a free trial through the TOTAL Store.

View Sample Output

Sample TOTAL report file (.ZAP)
Sample PDF export from TOTAL (.PDF)

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Third-Party Integration

Dynamo MC can seamlessly import data and export results from third party websites and software that support the Dynamo API. (This service is not available for individual appraisers.)

If you’re an appraiser or realtor, ask your local MLS or data provider to allow you to directly export your search results to Dynamo MC. Data providers interested in integrating Dynamo MC into their services can contact us at

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