An easy way to receive fewer callbacks

An easy way to receive fewer callbacks in your appraisals

The newest version of Dynamo MC now completes the “One-Unit Housing Trends” section in the neighborhood section of the 1004 (page 1).  Based on feedback we received, many of the callbacks appraisers receive from reviewers occur because this section does not match what Dynamo MC was putting in the 1004 MC.  Now this section will always be in sync with your comparable market analysis.  That’s good news for you, as it is one less thing you to have to worry about, and you’ll have fewer callbacks.

One-Unit Housing Trends Highlighted

You can see the calculated trends on the Review step in Dynamo MC before you export your results.

Review - One-Unit Housing Trends

If you are interested in why a certain trend was chosen, simply hover your mouse over this section in Dynamo MC, and you’ll see a tool tip explaining why each choice was made.

Receive fewer callbacks from AMCs with charts and reports of the subject’s market

One of the most compelling reasons to use Dynamo MC is to receive fewer callbacks that challenge the market conditions in your appraisals.  This is done by properly documenting the subject’s comparable market.  With a variety of calculations, charts, and graphs available, your analysis of the market with Dynamo MC will be above and beyond what the 1004 MC form can accomplish.  AMC reviewers and underwriters will see this analysis in your appraisal report, and they will know that you’ve done your due diligence and have provided more than adequate documentation for the market conditions currently at play.

That’s not just less time on the phone. That’s less time modifying and resubmitting your report.  Fewer callbacks means your appraisal is accepted sooner, and may help you avoid many of the headaches with deadlines and interested parties checking in on you.  Every little bit helps when you only have so much time in a week!


We’ve also fixed some small bugs in the latest version of Dynamo MC (version as well, and have made it easier for appraisers to send us information when they need help.  For more information on what has changed, please check the Change Log.  When you start your current version of Dynamo MC, you will be notified of the update and shown a link to the newest installer.

Does this update help prevent you from being bothered by excessive AMC call backs?  Please let us know at

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