Dynamo MC now works with all appraisal software

Dynamo MC now works with all appraisal software

We’re proud to announce that Dynamo MC now works with ACI, ClickFORMS, and all other modern appraisal software packages that include a PDF Import feature! In addition to exporting the results to TOTAL, you can now choose to export to a PDF document. Then you’ll be able to import that PDF directly into your appraisal report.

To get started creating PDF Exports, simply register for a free Dynamo Appraiser account. After registering, you’ll be able to download and try Dynamo MC. Once you’re ready to export your first PDF, you can choose to begin your free 7 day trial subscription.

Start PDF Export Trial

If you choose to continue using Dynamo MC after your free trial expires, you can choose to enter your billing information and renew your subscription at that time. This subscription operates independently of the TOTAL Store.

Interested in seeing a sample report?

To see what your sample output might look like, just download this sample PDF. Keep in mind that you can use as much or as little of the output in this report as you like. You can also edit the colors, regression options, and many other attributes to fit your preferences.

We hope that appraisers that do not use TOTAL will enjoy having Dynamo MC as a tool in their appraising tool belts, and are exciting to hear your feedback. Please let us know what you think at feedback@dynamoappraiser.com.

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