Dynamo MC now includes GLA charts and reports

Due to popular demand from appraisers, Dynamo MC can now utilize Gross Living Area (GLA) data.  In the newest version of Dynamo MC, 9 charts and 1 report have been added that deal with GLA. You can use these in your appraisals to provide insight into property value trends and changing price per square foot values. Some of the new charts and reports are shown below.

Sample Charts


Sample Report


How to use these charts to support GLA adjustments

You may notice that some charts now directly compare Price vs GLA. This style of chart can be used to help determine a reasonable GLA adjustment with the right data. The slope of the line indicates the rate at which the price changes with the size of the living area. Real Estate Appraiser Gary Kristensen (of A Quality Appraisal, LLC) uses this regression analysis technique to determine Living Area adjustments in his appraisals. He has written multiple articles and created videos to teach this technique to other appraisers. You can learn more in his latest blog post. This same approach can be used with Dynamo MC, but you’ll also have the advantage of better looking charts than you can get with Excel, and you’ll get your results faster too.

Note: When choosing GLA from your MLS, please be sure that you are using GLA as an appraiser would define it (the above grade living area only). This ensures that you are comparing apples to apples in your appraisal.  If for some reason your MLS only provides data for the total square footage of the properties, please disclose this in your appraisal comments and account for this when considering any results.


Monthly Housing Supply Chart

An new chart showing months of housing supply has also been added to provide a monthly breakdown of the inventory available in your market.


You’ll find all of this and more in the latest version of Dynamo MC (version  For more information on what has changed, please check the Change Log.  When you start your current version of Dynamo MC, you will be notified of the update and shown a link to the newest installer.

Does this update help you get more out of Dynamo MC?  Please let us know at feedback@dynamoappraiser.com.

a la mode welcomes Dynamo MC to the TOTAL store

a la mode issued a press release today welcoming Dynamo MC to the TOTAL Store. You can read the full announcement below. The original copy appears here.

Jan. 26, 2015Naples, FL — a la mode announced today that Perfectly Normal Software LLC’s Dynamo MC is available in their TOTAL Store and fully integrated with a la mode’s full range of appraisal formfilling systems.

Dynamo MC is a step-by-step MLS import tool that automatically populates data into the entire Fannie Mae 1004MC form in TOTAL. The tool also generates charts, includes a powerful editor to customize comments, and has built-in regression analysis.

“After struggling with other 1004MC tools in the past, I realized I had finally had enough,” said Bob Cirilli, founder of Perfectly Normal Software and creator of Dynamo MC. “I started dreaming up the ideal 1004MC tool. It had to be easy enough for any appraiser to use. It also needed to work with data from any MLS, include attractive charts and reports, fill in the entire 1004MC form, and let appraisers provide customized comments that could self-update to match the current data. Most importantly, it had to be fast and save time on every appraisal.”

Gary Carter, a la mode’s Chief Technology Officer, welcomed Dynamo MC to the TOTAL Store. “We think our users will appreciate the ease and convenience of Dynamo MC, especially when exporting data directly into their TOTAL report. That kind of streamlined workflow is exactly what we strive for in our products as well as our TOTAL Store integrations.”

The TOTAL Store, and the associated integration APIs, allow third-party vendors to seamlessly integrate into the underlying TOTAL product architecture for a superior customer experience, all while avoiding the delays of traditional integration deal negotiations. TOTAL products are used by more of the nation’s real estate appraisers than all other competing software applications combined, so inclusion in the TOTAL Store is essential to reaching the vast majority of real estate appraisers. Dynamo MC is currently integrated with a la mode’s TOTAL and its legacy WinTOTAL system.

For more information, visit www.alamode.com/TOTALStore.


About a la mode

A mission-critical technology leader in the financial technology industry for more than 29 years, a la mode’s products are used by hundreds of thousands of professionals to power more than 50% of all US real estate transactions. In the lending sector, a la mode’s Mercury Network subsidiary (http://www.mercuryvmp.com) is the vendor management platform for more than 20,000 transactions a day, serving over 600 lenders and AMCs. In the real estate sales and financing industry, a la mode’s Pipeline ROI division (http://www.pipelineroi.com) hosts the only comprehensive inbound marketing platform, attracting and managing leads for tens of thousands of brokers, agents, and mortgage professionals. And in the appraisal market, a la mode’s flagship TOTAL software line (http://www.alamode.com) is the dominant production system, used by more appraisers than all other brands combined.

a la mode is headquartered in Naples, FL, with additional offices and more than 200 employees located in Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, and Washington, DC. For more information about the company, visit http://www.alamode.com.

About Perfectly Normal Software LLC:
Company founder Bob Cirilli is both an appraiser and a computer engineer, which gives him a diverse perspective on the challenges that appraisers face as technology advances. To help meet these challenges, he launched the Dynamo Appraiser brand with its first product, Dynamo MC. Dynamo Appraiser embraces the belief that while automation can never replace an appraiser’s expertise, it certainly can save appraisers some time every once in a while.

Learn more about Dynamo MC at www.dynamoappraiser.com. To see how Dynamo MC works for you, download your free trial in the TOTAL store https://totalstore.alamode.com/product/dynamo-mc

Press inquiries, contact:
a la mode, inc.
Amber Hanneken
Product Marketing Manager

Dynamo MC now supports duplicate columns

Does your MLS use multiple columns to display an address?
Does it provide multiple dates indicating when a listing became inactive (Withdrawn Date, Cancelled Date, etc…)?
Does it provide multiple dates indicating when a listing became a pending sale?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the newest version of Dynamo MC should help you get results even faster.

 New features in Dynamo MC (version

  • Multiple columns can now be selected for the following fields:
    • Address fields – Dynamo MC will combine these in the order they are found (left to right).
    • Date Pending – Dynamo MC will use the earliest date found.
    • Date Inactive – Dynamo MC will use the earliest date found.
  • Charts can now be exported to the workfile.  (You can control this in Options-Export).

When you start Dynamo MC, you will be notified of the update and shown a link to the newest installer.

Does this update help you spend less time in Excel?  Please let us know at feedback@dynamoappraiser.com.

Dynamo MC is now available!

We want you to see for yourself how easy Dynamo MC is to use.  We have made a free trial available, so you can fully test the software before deciding if it works for you.

Download your free trial of Dynamo MC in the TOTAL store.

We’re convinced that you’ll see an immediate benefit in your appraisals, and will want to replace your current 1004MC process right away.  Start saving time and producing better results on every appraisal with Dynamo MC!